Patreon Story Launched – Bryce’s Big Act in The Diaper Dimension

On top of my previous post, I’d also just like to announce that I’ve launched my new main storyline for the Patreon – Bryce’s Big Act in the Diaper Dimension, an illustrated story which I think is going to be a lot of fun. 😀

If you’d like to support illustrated diaper dimension stories for a few dollars a month, head on over to

Patreon Launch



It’s late at night and I’m creating a Patreon, which seems the most suitable time to do such a thing.

All content – comics, art, stories, illustrated stories, captions – can be accessed for $5

It’s important to point out that some of the preview pictures won’t be up at launch, they’re from the unfinished sections of stories and comics which I’m working towards, and excited to tell the story for. Also note that I’m not good at a whole bunch of standalone drawings for known characters etc, but will instead be more so telling some ongoing strange and disturbing stories.

The Diaper Fairy Update


A glimpse of a comic I’ve been working on for about 2 years, titled The Diaper Fairy. At this point I’m unsure if it’ll be finished. I’m thinking of starting up a Patreon, so that people will at least see what’s done so far and possibly even steer it with suggestions. Though there are some very fun images done near the ending which the story would need to be guided towards. While I prefer to just release finished stories all at once, it’s definitely a slog spending years getting through a comic without anybody getting to see it, so I was wondering if people might be interested.


Diaper Dimension Short – Abbey’s Unfinished Report

“Abbey honey! We’re going out. Time to put down your toys.”

Abbey glanced down at the floor. Between her spread legs was her dolly and pink barbie car.

Abbey blinked. A heavy hand fell on her shoulder.

“Abbey. I won’t tell you again. We have a salon session, and then you need to see Dr Richards.”

Abbey nodded, slowly. Of course, Dr Richards.

She put down the toys, and began to stand up. Well, tried. That didn’t work very well. She had to push down on the floor with both hands, and stick her backside out behind her.

The way it all crinkled and pressed at her should have been enough to know. But once she was up, Abbey had to lift the front of her pinafore dress.

Sure enough, there it was. White and crinkly and bulging out in front of her, before curving down between her legs. She tried to lean forward to see where it went, and almost fell over.

It was her diaper.

Abbey stood there staring at it, then felt a swat on her bottom.

“Put that dress down, you indecent girl.”

Abbey blinked, stumbling forward. It was hard to walk in the diaper, and she almost fell, before realizing that she had to spread her leg out wide to compensate. She took two waddling steps before stopping herself.

“Now come along.”

She was meant to walk? Like this?

She turned, and saw a giant hand awaiting her. She followed the arm up, then saw the enormous woman staring down at her. She must have been… three time’s Abbey’s size. Goodness. Since when had… who was…

“Don’t keep Mommy waiting Little Miss. The naughty corner stool will be waiting when we get back otherwise.”

Abbey blinked, and took the offered hand.

A moment later, and she was waddling along at a pace, her eyes wide.

But Mommy had her, and wasn’t going to let her fall. Mommy..?

They stopped at the door, where Abbey had to lift one foot, and then the other, as her feet were helped into stubby little velcro shoes. Placing hands on Mommy’s shoulders didn’t do much to help when she still had the thickness of the diaper to contend with.

She glanced up during the second shoe, and found herself looking down the neckline of Mommy’s dress. Enormous boobs hung there. Abbey gaped in confusion, until the visage lifted away and the woman towered above again.

She let her hand be taken again, and they were off.

The door to the salon chimed.

A few people glanced over as Mommy and Abbey entered.

Mommy was all smiles. Abbey blinked in clear confusion. She glanced over her shoulder again, as if she’d seen something outside which had surprised her, or perhaps many things.

She was distracted until she found herself by the salon chair, missing whatever the grownups were saying. A moment later, two large fingers entered her diaper, declaring her wet.

Abbey blinked. Wet? Her? But she-

“Oh that’s fine. She can sit on the chair with a plastic cover.”

Abbey was whisked from the ground by two strong hands. Mommy’s hands.

She landed with a squelch on the plastic-covered chair. She was wet!

She considered asking when that had happened. But no, she didn’t want to bring attention to it. Instead she frowned as a big smock was whisked in front of her, blocking her view. A moment later, it was tied behind her neck with velcro.

The chair began to go up in short jolts, accompanied by the hisses of pump. She held on tight, bracing at the loud squishes which came from beneath her each time.

Abbey glanced at the mirror for the first time, and blinked yet again.

It was… her… Yes… Her hair was all in golden ringlets though, with pink little butterfly clips. Had she always had those freckles on her cheeks?

“What will it be today?”

“Nothing major. I just think she’ll do better a shade lighter. Look at those sweet little cheeks, and imagine them framed in strawberry blonde curls.“

Abbey stared at her reflection. Were her cheeks always that puffy?

She opened her mouth to ask a question. Mommy seemed to be ready, and slipped a pacifier into her mouth.

Abbey blinked. It was huge! Filling her mouth. She tried to say something, but instead ended up sucking the pacifier. She supposed that she could suck on it for now. When Mommy let her talk, it would probably be a better time.

Though, she wasn’t entirely happy about it.

Her hair was shampooed. Big hands guided her to lean back into a basin of water.

Mommy and a new woman smiled down at her. They told her that it was just a rinse, to not be scared. Mommy waved a toy above her, and Abbey blinked at the colours and shapes. Did they expect that she…

She was sat back up, to another squelch. A hairdryer began its loud booming, which drove out her other thoughts.

Big hands tossed her hair around.

Something was massaged over her scalp. Abbey was told not to touch it. Not like she had a choice, with the big smock covering her, she considered saying. But the pacifier was in her mouth. She would suck it for now. It was kind of nice, though definitely not the best.

She noticed a dribble in her diaper, and frowned. That had happened on the walk over too, hadn’t it? When she’d seen… In the park… There’d been giants, and regular sized people…

And so many people in diapers…

Abbey had seen two people being changed beside each other, on the grass, by a giant man and woman.

Their open diapers had had a hint of brown.

Abbey made a face, and wriggled her backside. No way was she ever…

“Oh don’t squirm you naughty thing.”

Abbey winced, and stopped.

“You be good Abbey.”

It seemed like an eternity. Finally her hair was rinsed again. Then dried again. The smock was whisked away.

Abbey faced the mirror, and got a look at what she was wearing. Goodness! The ribbon was almost tied under her armpits. The waistline was so high! It seemed to all be shifted up to end high enough to get a good view of her…

She glanced down. Her diaper was clearly wet. It was all ballooned out under the pressure. Goodness, when had that happened? She’d kept going?

The stylist noticed too, and poked the thick padding. Abbey wriggled, feeling it as a distant touch beneath the enormous bulge over her crotch. Yet it was still pointy, and wet, and reminded her of the state of her diaper…

Her diaper…

The stylist and Mommy exchanged some words. Abbey didn’t hear them, she was so baffled.

A moment later and she was in a bathroom, on her back on a table. A strap went over her front, and Abbey had some idea of what might be happening.

Oh no! Just like those people in the park!

She tried to mumble around the pacifier. It was too late. Mommy was pulling the tapes on her diaper, loud enough that surely everybody out in the salon could hear. Oh they would all know!

Abbey squeezed her eyes shut. She tried to make sense of things, but was pulled away from any coherent thoughts as the wet wipe touched her. It was so cold, and Mommy pushed so hard.

It went on and on.

Finally she felt powder sprinkling on her, then big fingers worked it in. A new fresh diaper came up between her legs. Abbey sighed in relief.

Not that she’d choose diapers. She… what did she normally.. Oh!

She lost that thought as Mommy sealed the final tape, giving a firm push on the centre of the diaper to make sure that it was all in place.

Abbey blushed.

They re-entered the salon. Abbey was in Mommy’s arms, and kept her gaze on the floor. They’d probably all heard the tape rips, and especially Mommy’s cooing comments.

Big hands held her in front of a mirror. Abbey blinked as she saw the full effect. It was her, but… She looked so much like a-

Mommy thanked the stylish, and paid at the counter.

Abbey was put on the floor, her face red. The new diaper wasn’t as flexible as the old one, stiffer and dryer, though it at least wasn’t sopping wet and sliding against her.

“Oh she loves it. Say thank you Abbey.”

Abbey blinked, and glanced up. Mommy was pulling the pacifier from her mouth. It left with a loud pop.

“Th-Thank you,” she squeaked, startled at her own voice. Was it always so high?

They smiled at her. She caught a few other patrons smiling at her in the corners of her eyes.

Abbey quickly turned her gaze back to the tiled floor. She had to look past the pinafore skirts, her big bulging diaper, and the little velcroed shoes. It might not have been better than seeing them smiling at her.

They left the salon the way they’d come in. Abbey blinked against the sunlight.

She didn’t see or hear much from her position. She was held firmly at Mommy’s side, and could sense that she was safe. Occasionally Mommy gave her a little tug to step over things. Abbey blushed, but was thankful. She couldn’t even imagine trying in her diapers. Unfortunately, people also got a good look at them during those large, vertical steps.

Vertical was a big word, she supposed.

They arrived at an office complex.

A pretty woman showed to Dr Richards office. He was all smiles and handsome laughter lines. Abbey blushed, and buried her face in Mommy’s blouse at such thoughts. Dr Richards was a grownup! And Abbey… She… Wait…

“How is she doing?”

“Oh we’ve been just wonderful. She’s very happy with me. A few wet diapers though.”

Dr Richards beamed.

He typed some things into his computer, and brought up some files. Abbey was shown a special screen to watch while the grownups talked. She frowned, wanting to discuss this, but was soon distracted by the shapes and pretty cartoon characters.

When she came to, she was getting another diaper change. She hoped she didn’t do that thing like those two being changed in the park.

Mommy pulled up the diaper, and gave it another of those breathtaking pushes. Abbey had to say thank you.

She was left laying there as Mommy discussed something with Dr Richards behind her. Abbey sucked on her thumb, squinting at him. He looked familiar, maybe more familiar from this angle.

She had flashes, of being at a computer. Of typing a report. Discussing how she believed that people were being taken into another world, to be put into diapers and kept as adult babies.

She hadn’t told anybody. Everybody at the intelligence agency would think that she was crazy. And would wonder why she was even thinking about adults in diapers in the first place.

But Abbey was an agent! She-

“Oh Abbey is in need of a tickle!”

She squealed as Mommy started, rolling around. She gasped, trying to tell the woman to stop, that it was causing her to-

The seat of her diaper unfortunately didn’t stay clean for long. With a silent rustle, which perhaps only Abbey heard, the back ballooned out.

And oh, she’d just been changed… Mommy wasn’t even checking her right now… And Abbey sure as hell wasn’t going to bring it up and bring attention to it…

But she was an agent! But she was also a baby. A true Mommy’s girl.

She perhaps should have said something as Mommy raised her for a knee bounce, to discuss more things with Dr Richards. Abbey didn’t get a squeak out until well into the first bounce, and by then it was too late.

Abbey glanced around desperately, looking for anything which might help her. All she saw were pictures of women and men like her on the walls. There was advertisements for diapers, rattles, toys, outfits, accompanied by a bunch of logos and colourful play writing. Abbey realized that she was in a pediatrician’s office, of sorts.

Mommy kept bouncing on and on. She asked something about trying breastfeeding after this, and Abbey moaned, her eyes rolling back. She really wasn’t an agent now… Even if she did remember a part of that, as well as her new life and identity… It didn’t matter if she had a boss to return a report to. The only boss which mattered was the one which had two huge boobs and was squishing and crinkling a diaper beneath her backside… The only report Abbey had to deliver was the one emerging out of her backside to fill the diaper further… Making sure that it was at least complete before they checked it…